Improving Your Eye Health
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Improving Your Eye Health

You take the time to worry about your heart and your lungs, so why wouldn't you think about your eye health? If you are like most people, it might be because you don't know that much about how to take care of your eyes. Fortunately, I have been working with other people to teach them about eye health for the past twenty years. My father lost his eyesight because of a few bad decisions, and I don't want to see other people go down that path. Read here to learn why you should exercise, eat right, and see your eye doctor regularly.

Improving Your Eye Health

  • Ready for Contacts? Three Factors to Consider

    25 October 2018

    Prescription eyeglasses help many people see in a more clear and concise way. However, wearing glasses can be difficult and uncomfortable at times. If you are struggling with your glasses, contacts may be the right option for your needs. Unfortunately, the overwhelming options available for contact lenses can make choosing the right type challenging. With this guide, you can choose the right contact lenses for your vision needs. Soft Versus Hard

  • The Signs, Testing, And Treatment For Peripheral Vision Loss

    26 September 2018

    You peripheral vision is important for your ability to see well. It's easy to forget about it since you focus on what you see in front of you. However, when peripheral vision is lost, you may have trouble seeing in dim light and you may not see objects to your side, which could increase your risk of injury. Here's why you might lose your peripheral vision and how an eye doctor might help.

  • 4 Tips For Preparing For Cataract Surgery

    10 July 2018

    The key to feeling your best may largely rest in how well you see. This can be challenging if your vision isn't as great as it once was or if you have cataracts. One thing you'll want to do to get your eyesight back to better health is to have surgery to correct it. Cornea Consultants of Nashville would like you to keep in mind there are many things you can do that will allow you to have a less stressful time and more success.

  • Learn How Cataracts Affect Your Eyes And How They're Treated

    4 May 2018

    If your vision seems to be getting blurry even though you've had perfect eyesight all your life, it could be due to cataracts. One reason it's important to have regular eye exams even when you don't wear glasses is so conditions such as cataracts can be diagnosed and treated. Blurry vision could have other causes too, so having your eyes examined is important for good eye health. Here is some information about cataracts and how they are treated.

  • Signs You Need New Glasses

    3 March 2018

    If you wear prescription glasses, you want to make sure your frames and lenses are as comfortable as possible. Even if your prescription doesn't change, you still need to buy new frames periodically for your best eye health. Here are signs you need new glasses. Your lenses are scratched Common with both plastic and glass lenses, scratches are both an annoyance and reduce the ability to see out of your glasses clearly.