Improving Your Eye Health
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Improving Your Eye Health

You take the time to worry about your heart and your lungs, so why wouldn't you think about your eye health? If you are like most people, it might be because you don't know that much about how to take care of your eyes. Fortunately, I have been working with other people to teach them about eye health for the past twenty years. My father lost his eyesight because of a few bad decisions, and I don't want to see other people go down that path. Read here to learn why you should exercise, eat right, and see your eye doctor regularly.

Improving Your Eye Health

  • Four Of The Best Ways To Make Your Eyeglasses Last Longer

    13 December 2017

    It's no secret that being an eyeglass wearer, you are spending a great deal of money on your prescription lenses on top of the frames that you purchase to go with them. For this reason, you want to ensure that they always last as long as possible before needing to replace them. Here are four of the best tips to help you accomplish this: Designate a Spot for Them Everywhere: Whether at work, home or in the car, you need a designated spot for your eyeglasses when you aren't wearing them.

  • Can't Open Your Eye? It Could Be Pink Eye

    3 October 2017

    Pink eye is something that's commonly spread between children, but adults aren't immune to it. Pink eye can potentially strike anyone, anywhere, as it's an extremely virulent virus. If you or someone you care about has woken up to find that their eyelids are stuck together and won't open or are very hard to open, pink eye could be to blame. Keep reading to learn more about this virus and what should be done about it.

  • Four Everyday Habits That May Be Putting Your Eyes At Risk

    2 August 2017

    Your eyes are rather delicate organs. If you want them to continue providing you with vision well into your '80s and '90s, then it's important that you care for them properly. Sadly, many of the habits you engage in on a daily basis may not be good for your eyes. Here's a look at some habits you should work on breaking in order to preserve your eyes health. Sitting In the Sunshine

  • 2 Natural Ways To Treat Your Cataracts At Home

    8 June 2017

    If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, you may wonder if there are any natural ways you can help treat the condition at home in addition to your regular treatment. If so, use one or both of the following home treatments to help slow down the progression and ease the symptoms caused by your cataracts. Eat Your Spinach While carrots have traditionally been praised for their ability to improve vision and combat cataracts, science has shown that this is not the case.